2019 Landsharkz Caribbean Adventure Cache Maps

Cruise adventures are typically a mix of relaxing, exploring and geocaching.

Excursions do stop at general points of interest – they are primarily opportunities to “be a tourist” and enjoy the location.

Excursions are not dedicated “stop the bus to grab every cache along the way” road trips.

We do endeavour to arrange excursions that also will provide an opportunity or two to find a cache at specific points of interest along the way.

Please bear in mind…

  • There will be cruisers who will be happy finding a cache just to “light up the map”.
  • There will also be Muggle family members enjoying the excursions, making the most of their family vacation time.

If you find the excursions aren’t suited to your needs — the maps below should give you a rough idea of the cache density on each island.

That may help you to decide if you want to make your own cache finding arrangements.

Don’t forget… the ship doesn’t hang around if you’re late! If you do your own thing – be back/close to the ship with time to spare.

For a Pocket Query that covers all of these caches, click here.


Click each map image for a slightly clearer version.


Maps were accurate as of July 24th 2018

As of November 28th 2018… there are only 14 new caches across all these islands!