2019 Landsharkz Mediterranean Adventure – Pocket Queries

Cachers often wish to load their GPS and/or have Pocket Queries saved in their SmartPhone before a trip.


PQ Creation Links – How To Add Prepared PQs To Your Own Geocaching Account

  1. Wait until a few days before the cruise (there’s no point doing it now unless you want practice!)
  2. Log in to Geocaching.com
  3. Switch back to this page and click the first Pocket Query Link in the list below
  4. You will be presented with the details of the Pocket Query on the Geocaching site
  5. Select the Days you wish the Pocket Query to run
  6. Click to Choose how often your query should run
  7. Scroll down and click Submit Information
  8. The Pocket Query will now be visible in your Geocaching account!
  9. Switch back to this page and click on the next Pocket Query Link in the list.. and repeat for each
  10. Load to your GPS (or SmartPhone), they way you usually do.
  11. To Review all Pocket Queries, click here.

PQ #1 – Civitavecchia (Rome), Italy – 60km of Cruise Port

PQ #2 – Corfu, Greece – 200km of Harbour

PQ #3 – Dubrovnik, Croatia – 160km of City Walls

PQ #4 – Koper, Slovenia – 50km of Piran

PQ #5 – Malta – All Caches

PQ #6 – Montenegro – All Caches

PQ # 7 – Naples, Italy – 120km of Cruise Port

PQ #8 – Ravenna (San Marino), Italy – 90km of War Cemetery

PQ #9 – Sicily, Italy – 200km of Aci Trezza

PQ #10 – Split, Croatia – 30km of Harbour