July 2018 – GeoLinks (Work In Progress)


Work In Progress

The Pocket Queries below are centred on locations where Landsharkz Adventurers are known to be visiting.

As there is a 1000 cache limit on Pocket Queries, some locations have been split between multiple PQs.

As tour/excursion information is confirmed, more PQs will be created to include zones that may not be included in the PQs/bookmarks below .

Don’t forget – there’s no need to use these links until July as you’re not loading your GPS yet!

Note : The bookmarks only include caches included in the PQs listed above (coz there’s no point teasing you with a cache that’s 500km away….!)

Country Pocket Query – Click The Link Below, Select The Day To Run the PQ and Click Submit – You Have Your Own  PQ!
Iceland (A) Iceland – All caches In Country
Norway (B) Oslo – Non Trads Within 20km Of Hotel
Norway (C) Oslo – Trads Within 20km Of Hotel Placed Before 31/Dec/2010
Norway (D) Oslo Hotel – Trads Within 12km Placed After 1/Jan/2011
Sweden (E) Stockholm Hotel – Non-Trad Caches Within 10km
Sweden (F) Stockholm Hotel – Trads Within 25km Of Hotel Placed Before 31/Dec/2010
Sweden (G) Stockholm Hotel – Trads Within 15km Of Hotel Placed Between 1/Jan/2011 and Dec/31/2014
Sweden (H) Stockholm Hotel – Trads Within 15km Of Hotel Placed After 1/Jan/2015
Finland (I) Helsinki – All Caches Within 40km Of Cruise Terminal
Russia (J) St Petersburg – All Caches Within 80km Of Cruise Terminal
Estonia (K) Tallinn – All Caches Within 25km Of Cruise Terminal
Latvia (L) Riga – All Caches Within 14km Of Cruise Terminal
Info Bookmark – Click Link Below To View List – To Copy To Your Own List (To Edit) Click The “Copy List” Button
Placed 2001 (A) Caches Placed In 2001 – Norway, Sweden, Finland
Placed 2002 (B) Caches Placed In 2002 – Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland
Placed 2003 (C) Caches Placed In 2003 – Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Latvia
Placed 2004 (D) Caches Placed In 2004 – Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Latvia
Web/Virt (E) Webcams and Virts – Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Russia, Latvia



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